Friday, November 19, 2010

Is Facebook Trigger Asthma Attacks?

Really access up to trigger an asthma attack? According to the Italian doctors in this, it's true. There was a story that a adolescents there is almost always develop asthma when opening the profile ex-girlfriend on Facebook.

The former broke away so that adolescents who have history of asthma was depressed. Well, when accessing the profiles of the former, suddenly he had an asthma attack. His breath halting and his condition became alarming.

In a report in The Lancet medical journal about this case, Gennaro DR D-Amato and two colleagues emphasize that psychological stress can trigger asthma attacks. This is what may make the teenager's asthma because of depressed to see the former who can no longer love him achieve.

Reported by the Press Association on Friday (19/11/2010), he added depression because it met the former already have a collection of many male friends new. To avoid things that are not desirable, he was not allowed longer access Facebook.

"This case indicates that Facebook and social networking sites others, can become a new source of psychological stress, a trigger factor attacks in individuals with asthma who are depressed, "they wrote.

The young man had previously suffered from chronic asthma and controlled treatment by a physician. When all of a sudden asthma attack continues deteriorate, his parents reported to doctors that the possibility of it nothing to do with Facebook.

Claim the doctors in Italy had received support from the observer asthma in the UK. Cher Piddock from Asthma UK institution confirmed that stress can indeed trigger asthma symptoms.

"Almost 70% of patients with asthma expressed to us that stress affects them. Facebook or other social networking can sometimes trigger stress and may cause symptoms of asthma, "said Piddock to Dailymail.