Friday, November 19, 2010

Is Facebook Trigger Asthma Attacks?

Really access up to trigger an asthma attack? According to the Italian doctors in this, it's true. There was a story that a adolescents there is almost always develop asthma when opening the profile ex-girlfriend on Facebook.

The former broke away so that adolescents who have history of asthma was depressed. Well, when accessing the profiles of the former, suddenly he had an asthma attack. His breath halting and his condition became alarming.

In a report in The Lancet medical journal about this case, Gennaro DR D-Amato and two colleagues emphasize that psychological stress can trigger asthma attacks. This is what may make the teenager's asthma because of depressed to see the former who can no longer love him achieve.

Reported by the Press Association on Friday (19/11/2010), he added depression because it met the former already have a collection of many male friends new. To avoid things that are not desirable, he was not allowed longer access Facebook.

"This case indicates that Facebook and social networking sites others, can become a new source of psychological stress, a trigger factor attacks in individuals with asthma who are depressed, "they wrote.

The young man had previously suffered from chronic asthma and controlled treatment by a physician. When all of a sudden asthma attack continues deteriorate, his parents reported to doctors that the possibility of it nothing to do with Facebook.

Claim the doctors in Italy had received support from the observer asthma in the UK. Cher Piddock from Asthma UK institution confirmed that stress can indeed trigger asthma symptoms.

"Almost 70% of patients with asthma expressed to us that stress affects them. Facebook or other social networking can sometimes trigger stress and may cause symptoms of asthma, "said Piddock to Dailymail.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Motorola Launches Droid Pro

Motorola has just introduced a new smartphone that is named Droid Pro. Unlike other products that never launched, Droid Pro Motorola devoted to business users.

"We are very focused in the areas of business," said Co-Chief Executive Sanjay Jha Motorola, reported by the Wall Street Journal.

At the launching ceremony which was held in San Francisco, United

States (U.S.), Jha exhibit Droid Pro and promote it as a 3.1-inch touch screen smartphone with powerful processors and fast.

Armed with the Android operating system, Jha said Droid Pro will become the first Android phone that supports Microsoft Exchange (MSFT), as well as calendar and email software is often used for business purposes.

Motorola has not given official information about the price of this smartphone. Please be patient to have it, because for the U.S. alone Droid new Pro is available in November.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Review HTC Desire HD and Z

The Launching HTC Desire HD and Z for the Asian region was held in Taipei, Taiwan, the two newer smartphone that's not entirely similar.

It's name is also the twin brother, must have a similarity. The resemblance is a long thin speaker at the top, which unlike its predecessor speakers that only two holes. Well this is Dolby sound quality speakers that so superior these twins. HTC guarantees, the sound quality of this show for all applications, ranging from the phone, play games, to watch Youtube. Both also use the Android OS 2.2 Froyo with a blend of HTC Sense.

If Desire Z have the advantage qwerty slide, then Desire HD has a 1 Ghz processor, faster than Desire HD which has a 800 MHzprocessor. Same memory capacity of 1.5 GB, but Desire HD has 768 MB RAM, while the Z is only 512 MB of Desire. Z Desire also features a screen 4.3 "while the more petite Desire HD screen with 3.7".

8 megapixel camera as well so the benefits of Z compared Desire Desire HD which is only armed with a 5 megapixel camera. But both have the ability to record 720p HD picture quality.

The twins are also superior in speed to boot up. No more than two seconds from the time the on push, to the Z and Desire Desire HD ready for use.

From the written statement of HTC, stated Desire HD and Z will begin to be present in Asia in November 2010. HTC also said the HTC HD will be priced Desire USD 888 and USD 868 HTC Z Desire but the price may change depending on the distributor and vendor.

by dhani..

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

SAMSUNG SHW-M100s The First Handphone with Android 2.1

The growing of mobile phone technology now very fast, Samsung has recently presented its new Andoird cellphone that will be launched in a weeks during SKT, the device is codenamed SHW-M100S. SAMSUNG also issued a series of Android mobile 2.1. handsets that use full touchscreen uses a 3.7-inch AMOLED screen. This Mobile phones is was first launched in the State of origin is the vendor Samsung of South Korea to hold local cellular operator SK Telecom.

This Mobile phone have specifications, the SHW-M100S boasts a 3.7-inch AMOLED display, a 5-megapixel camera, video recorder 720p and WiFi. Since it will be released for the Asian market it boasts a T-DMB mobile TV tuner, and the Android version is 2.1. then have running with 800Mhz processor and completeness of 3.5mm headphone jack for a headset. Sounds good? We’ll have to wait and see.

by julian dhani

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Most Expensive Handphone in the WORLD

Handphone is mobile communication means becoming one of the society essential requirement in the case of communications. In this time handphone have many facility, even exceed from itself handphone function. Besides as communications media, handphone also become society life style. Not just to justly communicate, here and now provide Luxurius style.

Handphone with gold or diamond is possible, but this is true there. In this time many communication producer have making luxuriant handphone.

1. The GoldVishLe Million Price: $1.45 Million

2. Bucheron for Vertu Cobra Price: $310,000

3. The Diamond Crypto Smartphone Price: $1.3 Million

4. VIPN Black Diamond Smartphone Price: $300,000

Monday, July 5, 2010

Upin and Ipin The Animation From Malaysia

Short Animation film of Les production' Coupaqe from Malaysia is popular in Indonesia. Its Figure character its name brother of And Upin Ipin, its fair to middling story many and enough variativ, digested by easy of moppet. Animation Upin film and Ipin which is familliar with its talking style " Betul Betul Betul" this is enough accepted by market in Indonesia with respon which are positive. This proven matter till now still display in one of the our television station that is TPI. Fever Upin Ipin also have mastering not merely in just television, but also in merchandise product area. In this time have circulated many with product like doll, pillow, T-Shirt, etc. Even its comic also in demand in various bookstore. This matter make house produce Les' big Coupaqe Profit and people say can pocket up Rp 300 million per month. Excitement also yes...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

3 Kingdoms Game Online

3 Kingdoms represent a dressy online game of this 3D Simulations MMORPG strategy. This Game is online version from Dynasty Warrior, and represent story cutting from 3 kingdoms. 3 Kingdoms represent focussed game at mass war to be scrambling of empire and town. This Game is provided with unique weapon like, Catapult, Ballista, and is other. War in this game can be played in land and sea. There are some feature type fight in this game, that is:
  1. Heroes Battle, all player can give battle to fight against one of the general legend in story 3 kingdom. If succeeding defeating it, hence he/she will become the the figure some times.
  2. Kingdom War, player will give battle to fight over and maintain their region. Here alliance player can wrongly one empire and bump against strategy, and also tactics by bringing team to master other empire.
  3. Historical War / Battle quyang. Intend of this feature is 3 empire will be divided to become 2 citadel at random and is fair, then fight over flag. System fight this will make player more is sharpening ability of their tactics and strategy.
  4. Battle. System Encounter between team 1 empire with other empire and done in sea. This Feature is first Feature in indonesia game online. and this Game is true one of the online game which awaiting by all gamer.
3 kingdoms also have auto system of battle that able to make all player more easy going and can leaving it without having to logout. So player can boost up level without having to play at in front of computer.

As a whole this game nicely because some new features have emerged, as well as all important featuresr at is auto battle. We needn't again to be in computer front to play at full all day long.

Warning Pencurian Artikel

Hari ini saya sangat tidak senang, seseorang telah mengambil artikel yang telah saya buat selama berhari-hari tanpa mencantumkan url blog saya.
Jika anda menemukan artikel dengan judul
"WAYANG KULIT The Classic Art From JAWA" pada website:
website ini mengambil artikel tanpa ijin dari saya [Pemilik EXPLORE INDONESIA].
Sebenarnya artikel tersebut adalah secara resmi milik

Untuk itu dengan penuh rasa hormat agar pemilik website mencantumkan url pada postingan
"WAYANG KULIT The Classic Art From JAWA"
Hargailah hak cipta saya sebagai pembuat asli artikel tersebut..

Saturday, July 3, 2010

iPhone Growth Up Opera Consumer

Since attendance of iPhone, Opera browser have download more than 2,6 million times. This matter of course improve growth of is amount of Opera consumer, specially Mini Opera. Since 13 April 2010 Apple open to access for the Opera of, so that all iPhone consumer have choice to be able to download this Norwegian browser.

Entry of Opera in iPhone have contribution to growth of Opera Mini consumer by 70%. Opera Mini represent browser which at most used by ponsel consumer in all the world. " At least, there is many iPhone consumer trying to use Opera. We also see usage of very good Opera," Jon Tetzchner von co-founder Opera say.

Opera Browser can download six times more quicker the than Apple browser and can lessen data trafik till 90%. iPhone consumer it is of course get advantage with opera because big enough data trafik from iPhone often become the problem at some operator network.

IBM chosen Firefox

Mozilla Firefox selected by IBM to become especial browser of IBM. Mozilla Firefox include in all new product of IBM. This Matter is explained by VP Open Source IBM Bob Sutor at his blog , " We officially enhance goal feel new software, which will be used by entire/all employees. The Software is Mozilla Firefox browser," write Sutor. So 400.000 IBM employees in all the world will use Firefox as especial browser.

In his blog, Sutor also explain that its Firefox can become barer standard browser, and also is peaceful the than other browser. Personally Sutor believe that Firefox can control browser war which in this time is happened.
Firefox in this time represent source open browser which work well in Windows, Linux and or Mac. According to Sutor, computing cloud represent one of the impeller factor to consumer to chosen open-source browser.

Why competent consumer use Firefox?
  1. Firefox according to standard open at IBM strategy
  2. Firefox is open source browser which is development is delivered by community, and non up at is commercial
  3. Firefox very peaceful because looked after internal community consisting of all expert
  4. Firefox can customize to requirement of company or organisation like IBM

Friday, July 2, 2010

Influence IE 9 at Strength of GPU

Microsoft is preparing Internet Explorer browser 9. IE9 can exploit strength of especial prosesor
(And CPU) strength of graphical prosesor ( GPU).

Internet Explorer have reached Platform Preview version 3, Microsoft with Nvidia and AMD / ati to maximize strength of GPU at IE9. At certain system, computer will have the power of big enough graphical prosesor. Usually, at existing browser in this time, strength of that GPU will be used by consumer moment run just browser.

This Version PP3 IE9 have better Javascript engine. That Engine will exploit CPU with many core so that can more efficient.

Opera Version Beta The fastest Web Browser

Opera have release newest version browser, Opera 10.6 which is claimed fastest for browsing the internet. Opera claim this fastest browser 50% at compared to certain Javascript test its Opera series. Opera 10.6 also have many feature with Web technology like, suggestions search, Geolocation, Webm And Web worker, and HTML5 for the application of offline.

Geolocation is newest feature to detect user location through browser. This Feature can be seen from provided by interactive map in Opera website . Opera have supported HTML technology 5 Appcache and Web Workers, with this technology browser can be used for other application, for example as word processing editor and is other.

You can download this new version in / download.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV release on September 2010

Final Fantasy XIV or Final Fantasy XIV Online represent 14th series from RPG Final Fantasy game which produced by Square-Enix. This Game plan to release for the Playstation 3 (PS3) And computer ( PC) at September 2010.

Final Fantasy XIV Online scheduled to release in September 2010. While for the version of PS3 will be available start March month 2011. Square-Enix mention the specification of minimun required to play this game with very high specification, they are:

* OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista 32-bit/64-bit SP2, or Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit.

* Procesor: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.0GHz) or AMD Athlon X2 (2.0GHz)

* Memory: for Windows XP minimal 1GB and for Windows Vista and 7 minimal 2GB

* Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 series or ATI Radeon HD 2900 higher.

* internet connection: Broadband

* Screen Resolution: 1280 X 720 pixel or higher.

This Game require the specification of computer which luxuriant enough, for that use minimum specification above to playing it.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Film Facebook The Movie

Successfulness of social network site Facebook make professional film producer of Columbia Pictures interest to make film about Facebook. That Film narrate how Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, creating popular site only from its room in Harvard hostel, place he learn.

Trailer and also poster for the film have started to be publicized in internet. Items content which have emerged to this public still in the form of just seducer items because not yet expressing many that film.

The Facebook Movie, representing adaptation of the book entitling The Accidental Billionaires. Film written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by this David Fincher hold mutually Jesse Eisenberg actor to play the part of Zuckerberg figure. Its Plan, this available film newly in cinema start October 2010.

Even not yet narrating many its contents, film tag ' You cannot make 500 million friend without making some enemy' enough summarize what is in in film. Marginally, this film narrate youngster ambition which wish to create big something that. Will this is same film successful with social network site of Facebook?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Twitter And FIFA Make Special Page for World Cup 2010 South Africa

World Cup 2010 Fever estimated will take place during celebration of World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Twitter have anticipated its service consumer euphoria during World Cup 2010 waiting by drawing up special page with FIFA.

In that page there are 32 state flag picture which follow in World Cup 2010 South Africa. Twitter have made special tag for each of the flag which the mentioning of hashflag. Twitter User can use hashflag to submit this topic of in around related/relevant state.

The page also present contest schedule during World Cup 2010 and its time. If certain contest selected by hence will emerge two tweet stream each presenting related/relevant topic of nations which is contesting. Twitter hoping there will be report live between supporter to enliven the the page each time contest take place.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Review Game 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

Release Date 27 April 2010
ESRB Rating Everyone
Genre Sport Simulation
Publisher EA Sports
Developer Electronic Arts
Console PlayStation 3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360

Opening of World Cup 2010 have been started at 11 June 2010, all company of game struggling in athletic area start to release their pledge game with this topic of FIFA 2010. One of them is EA Sports company which enough succeed with its property franchise, FIFA. They just release 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, this game use especial theme of World Cup 2010. Marginally, this game by it self have game mechanism which not differ from FIFA game 2010.

This 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Game have excellence with graphical appearance good. from its game facet entire/all existing player in this game can release a lot of technique which is very amaze without seen bizzare just as in arcade version football game. One of change what enough draw in this 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa is appearance Captain Your Country mode, which could be told as mode which not far differing from Be A Pros mode in FIFA 2010. In the mode, you can make by your self character or player in 2010 FIFA World Cup, you can take away from result of yours data save in FIFA 2010 Virtual Pros and or use character made available.

Lacking of from this Game 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa game according to my opinion this EA too is signalizing element outside game of itself with reaction of too crowded referee and suporter. A past loading time quickly between game with scene supporter less is gratifying. In the end impress us is being served with scene supporter which is have cheer than game itself football.

Finally, our assume this game as a whole enough nicely to be played Even this Game 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa can be played by online with other gamer. I hope in a moment EA Sports give customize menu which is more amount of so that all consumer can more free play this game so that this Game become more perfect. This 2010 FIFA World Cup represent a game football which is very amaze. There is a lot of surprise in this game which make us feel like seeing World Cup 2010 event which is real..

Friday, June 11, 2010

"THE HURT LOCKER" Best Film 2010, Winning Cup Oscar

Film ‘ THE HURT LOCKER’ ( 2008) become Best Film in Academy Awards 2010 with Best Picture category. Film which is directed by the Kathryn Bigelow defeat ‘ AVATAR’, which is champion by many party to reach for Cup Oscar. Why ‘ THE HURT LOCKER’ becoming best film? First of course because choice from Academy Awards grand jury 2010. Grand jury Academy Awards which is its member comprise all journalist, sineas and also film critic, sure have certain consideration Extraordinary pride blanket Kathryn Bigelow stage manager and all its film artist. Finally she can prove her self that woman can be parallel with other man clan to grab Cup Oscar.

This film have story to about all land mine tamer or conceived of by EOD ( Explosive Ordnance Disposal) during American military invasion take place in that Iraq represent other picture of military life of America during invasion take place in that 1001 night country at intermediate medio of era 2000. Opened with scene which enough race heartbeat, moment a tamer bomb SSG Matt Thompson ( Guy Pearce) have to set right a bomb destroyer which sudden ngadat in the middle of its public road of is full of dirt where enemy continue to peep. Unhappily, Thompson have to lose moment soul a merchant which do not far from situ animate cellular telephone. the Scene is true finally become long network from film which is its scenario is written by Mark Boal ( In The Valley Elah of, 2007).

THE HURT LOCKER is true non easy going entertainment amusement. Fight action and encounter there's only because it is true there must be, non as especial scene. Interesting side of war lifted by Bigelow director here. Not merely blood problem, but feel addiction hold weapon racing adrenalin.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

28 Principles of Animation

I'll give some list of Principles of Animation that I have read from Animation Arena website.
This is very important and you should know.
Here is a list of things (principles) that appear in these drawings, most of which should appear in all scenes, for they comprise the basis for full animation

-Pose and Mood
-Shape and Form
-Model or Character
-Line and Silhouette
-Action and Reaction
-Squash and Stretch
-Beat and Rythem
-Depth and Volume
-Overlap and followthru
-Working from extreme to extreme
-Straights and Curves
-Primary and secondary action
-Staging and composition
-Positive and negative shapes

Source From Animation Arena

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Homer Simpson, Become The Best Character Television and Film

Do you know the homer in film Simpson?

Simpson film character which is called by homy is out members to joke and unique.

Stupid, spitfire and idler is addressed correct picture for the character of Homer Simpson cartoon. But, all its vice succeed to send Homer become Character Television and Best Film.

Like explained by Aceshowbiz, Friday ( 28/5/2010), Homer even also succeed to occupy first Character Television chart and Best Film Entertainment Weekly magazine version. rust colored Character which is like dounut and that beer succeed to defeat real character and also other popular animation, like Spongebob Squarepants and Edward Scissorhands.

Homer, made and designed by Matt Groening cartoonist. Homer along with its family first time come up in television at 1987, that is film The Tracey Ullman Show.

Whereas, other character entering ten of big Character Television chart and Best Film among others, Harry Potter, Buffy, The Joker, Rachel Green, Hannibal Lecter and Carrie Bradshaw.

however me from first aspire after with this film character because though seen unique stupid but and can amuse my family. Succes for homer...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Bikin Film Dengan Camera DSLR EOS 550D Full HD

Canon baru-baru ini meluncurkan produk camera DSLR barunya yaitu EOS 550D. Secara kualitas memang kamera DSLR buatan Canon ini terbilang sangat bagus dengan spesifikasi mampu merekam Video Full HD dengan berbagai pilihan yaitu 24p, 25p, dan 30p (fps). Wah hebat!! jadi kita bisa bikin video sekelas kamera film dengan DSLR.

Camera DSLR EOS 550D ini menyediakan fitur live view, face detection AF, dan Auto Lighting Optimizer untuk merekam dan mengatur pencahayaan dengan menggunakan sensor CMOS APS-C 18 Megapixel. Harga Canon EOS 550D Full HD ini sekitar Rp. 8,2 juta (tanpa lensa tambahan).

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Film Animasi Buatan Malaysia "Upin dan Ipin" Populer di Indonesia

Film animasi berdurasi pendek produksi Les' Coupaqe dari Malaysia ini sedang populer di Indonesia. Karakter tokohnya adalah balita adik kakak namanya Ipin dan Upin, ceritanya lumayan banyak dan cukup variativ, mudah dicerna anak kecil. Film animasi Upin dan Ipin yang akrap dengan gaya bicaranya "Betul Betul Betul" ini cukup diterima pasar di Indonesia dengan respon yang positif. hal ini terbukti sampai saat ini masih tayang di salah satu stasiun televisi kita yaitu TPI. Demam Upin Ipin juga sudah merambah bukan hanya di televisi saja, namun juga di bidang produk merchandise. Saat ini telah beredar banyak dengan produk seperti boneka, bantal, kaos, dll. Bahkan komiknya pun juga laris di berbagai toko buku. Hal ini menjadikan rumah produksi Les' Coupaqe untung besar dan kabarnya bisa mengantongi Rp 300 juta per bulan. Hebat juga ya...
Kapan nih animator Indonesia bisa berjaya di negeri sendiri?
Buat Animator Indonesia terus berkarya dan semangat selalu...

by ramadhani

Monday, May 24, 2010

Animator Juga Mengalami Kejenuhan

Bekerja di dalam dunia animasi memang tidak membutuhkan mobilitas yang tinggi seperti pekerjaan lapangan. Bagi animator bekerja di depan komputer adalah makanan sehari-hari.

Memang menyenangkan bisa bekerja sambil mendengarkan musik atau bahkan sambil ngemil makanan ringan. He.. he.. Menyenangkan bukan!. Tapi semua pekerjaan kan juga punya tingkat kejenuhan, begitu juga dengan animator kadang-kadang meskipun menyenangkan juga merasa jenuh.

Bosan bekerja di dalam ruangan terus. Kadang juga lupa tanggal dan hari (ini yang pernah saya alami dan tidak saya lebih-lebihkan). Untuk itu saya ingin berbagi tips untuk mengurangi kejenuhan ala animator. berikut ini tips yang pernah saya lakukan:
  • Jangan memporsir diri, ketika sudah merasa jenuh alangkah baiknya istirahat dulu aja
  • Biasakan untuk disiplin agar tidak terbebani pekerjaan yang menumpuk
  • Manfaatkan waktu luang untuk olah raga ringan dan rekreasi di alam terbuka. Hal ini penting untuk menghilangkan stres karena bosan di dalam ruangan terus
  • Luangkan waktu untuk baca-baca koran atau melihat berita di televisi agar tidak buta informasi dan tidak lupa tanggal dan hari
  • Main Game. Hampir di semua studio animasi melakukan aktivitas ini. Cukup beralasan memang terbukti bisa mengurangi rasa jenuh
  • Dan jangan lupa untuk beribadah
by ramadhani