Thursday, June 30, 2011

'Arthur 3': Giant Mosquitoes Attacking Man

Holiday has arrived, and the children's film season also blossomed again. One is 'Arthur 3' latest work of French director Luc Besson. If you do not have time to watch 'Arthur and the Invisibles' (2006) and 'Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard' (2009), do not worry because there will resume at the beginning of the movie in 5 minutes. For those who followed the two prekuelnya, this certainly is a must watch movie.

Long story short, Maltazard (Lou Reed), the Evil M-which at first glance similar to Voldemort's nose - has escaped from the world of dwarves and the Minimoys a human form he is now. Meanwhile, Arthur (Frieddie Highmore) are still sized little man. Maltazard-who think McD is an acronym for its name it-wants to make soldiers and vehicles (aka mosquitoes) into human-sized and colonize the earth. And the potion was in Arthur's house.

Of Arthur and his friends, Princess Selenia (Selena Gomez) and Prince Betameche (Jimmy Fallon) trying to prevent it. Unfortunately, they have difficulty enlarge themselves, in addition there is Darkos (Iggy Pop), the son of a plain M and missed his father's caresses. And this battle in the human world, when hundreds of giant mosquitoes bombard the town.

Since this is a film all ages, then of course the thrilling but unpleasant adventures will be presented here and there, which is certainly very entertaining. Given its location is the "real world" so fun to see the Minimoy using children's toys, trains, planes, racing cars-into their vehicles. And there are family values ​​and goodness are tucked.

Characters are also given a touch and experience development. For example, Selenia a bitchy but there are actually in love with Arthur, or the behavior of both parents Arthur's witty. We were also invited to enter the magical world of bees. And, here's a favorite of many people: Darkos-faced thug but be gentle as snow and behaving like a toddler.

In the film lasted 101 minutes, we'll see the homage to 'Star Wars' (1977). In the universe of this film, George Lucas was inspired by Darkos when she interviewed him in a state of war. Take a look for yourself how kocaknya this scene, complete with musical score of 'The Imperal March', 'lightsabers', and' Parade of the Ewoks "from John Williams.

And of course, the presence of rebel musicians icon Iggy Pop as the voice Darkos (replacing Matthew Gonder and Jason Bateman) is not without reason. Besides being fit to be a "child" Lou Reed, he was singing 'Rebel Rebel', a song by David Bowie's 1974 production. Therefore, do not move from his seat before the "credits" finished airing.

This film is so entertaining your baby - kids and our nephew. But for adults, especially those like Star Wars and classic rock, will also find pleasure in itself. A fresh spectacle for the whole family.

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